Dispatch Catches Chicago Police Officers Saying N-Word, ‘Black Lives Matter My A**’

By Sameer Rao Mar 15, 2016

A police dispatcher’s recording of several Chicago police officers using the N-word and other derogatory language surfaced yesterday (March 14). 

The slurs—which the New York Daily News reports were recorded about 12 hours after protests led to the cancellation of a Chicago campaign event for Republican presidential candidate and noted racist Donald Trump—include officers saying the N-word more than once and one saying "Black Lives Matter my ass."

"The statements made are absolutely unacceptable and Superintendent [John] Escalante has ordered an immediate internal affairs investigation into this incident," department spokespeople said in a statement cited by the Daily News. "Should the investigation reveal that a member of the police department made the statements, he will be immediately suspended and disciplinary proceedings will be launched."

(H/t New York Daily News)