Disney Media Set to Co-Produce ‘Desperate Housewives Africa’

Suburban chaos is going to Nollywood.

By Jamilah King Oct 29, 2013

Desperate Housewives is going to Nollywood. The Associated Press reported this week that Disney Media Distribution EMEA is teaming up with Nigeria’s EbonyLife TV to produce a new series called "Desperate Housewives Africa." The series is modeled after the long-running ABC series that starred Eva Longoria and followed the soap opera-esque travails of middle class women in suburbia.

EbonyLife TV’s CEO Mo Abudu told reporters that the new series will have "an African soul," feature a pan-African cast and showcase fashion by Nigerian designers. It’s set to debut in the summer of 2014.

Disney EMA’s general manager Giovanni Mastrangelo said that the show is an opportunity to build on Desperate Housewives’ international brand and offers "the opportunity to engage African audiences through locally relevant and entertaining storytelling." Versions of the show have already been produced in Turkey, Argentina and Brazil.

(h/t Huffpost Black Voices)