‘Didn’t Cha Know’ You Need To Hear This Stunning Erykah Badu Cover?

By Sameer Rao Nov 20, 2015

Tomorrow, November 21, marks the 15th anniversary of Erykah Badu’s Soulquarian-era masterpiece "Mama’s Gun." To commemorate the seminal album, D.C.-area R&B group Columbia Nights recorded a version of "Didn’t Cha Know." They take the original song’s lush atmosphere and add layers of shimmering keyboards, paying homage without sacrificing any originality. Take a listen to the song, premiered today on Okayplayer, below. 

Columbia Nights released their debut album, "In All Things," on Record Breakin’ Music last month. Their style draws heavily from the spirit of great, complex albums marketed at the time as "neo soul" like "Mama’s Gun" and D’Angelo’s "Voodoo." You can listen to "In All Things" via Columbia Nights’ Bandcamp page