Did Somebody Say Malware? Bring on the Colorlines Community!

We were attacked by the evil demons of the Web. But with our community's help, we have slain them. Take that, demons!

By Kai Wright Mar 05, 2013

Once again, we’ve been reminded just how awesome our community is here at Colorlines. After a few harrowing days of battling a security breach on our site, we’re in suprisingly good spirits around here. Why? Because we couldn’t have fixed the problem without the amazing help of some of our eagle-eyed readers. Many of you who visited Colorlines over this past weekend were met with scary warnings about malware attached to our site. Yikes! We were scared, too. But know that we have successfully chased away the evil demons of the Web. We submitted the site for review to experts at Google and they found it to be clean and malware free. Yay! But what happened? Our content management system–or, the thing we use to publish stories–had a big, fat security hole that someone exploited. (We have no reason to believe we were targeted; rather, this is a problem many others have had with the same system.) We were first able to the identify the problem with the help of several readers who chimed in via email and social media to point us in the right direction. We thought we’d fixed it, but by Friday afternoon the problem had grown critical and Google placed us on its list of compromised sites. Luckily, we were able to fully close the security breach over the weekend. And again, we asked both Google and outside consultants to give the site a once-over, and they confirm we’re in great shape. So we can now get back to the work of offering you daily news and analysis in which race matters. Thanks to all of you who helped out–and really, there were a bunch–and here’s to malware-free future!