The Giants pitcher Sergio Romo,[ a son of Mexican immigrants](, said nothing publicly Wednesday about the shirt he wore to the victory rally held in honor of the team’s World Series win. The message was clear though, big bold white letters read ["I just look illegal" on Romo’s black t-shirt.]( During his speech at the rally, Romo thanked fans and celebrated the Bay Area’s diversity and its "different folks with different strokes" and "different faces from different places." What he said next is open to interpretation: "You look at each one of my team mates and we all have a different story but we all have on goal in mind, we all have one job in mind, we all have one, how do you say, [pause] dream, and that’s to become the world series champions as a group." This might be a stretch but the pause before Romo said "drrrream" may mean something. What do you think? Watch the clip above.