Did anybody see “We can do better” formally known as “Hot Ghetto Mess?”

By The News Jul 30, 2007

Black Entertainment Television’s show ridiculing ghetto Black people aired last week after producers faced major criticism about the low-brow content. Formally known as "Hot Ghetto Mess," a title activists successfully got changed, the show premiered Wednesday and drew 800,000 viewers, the LATimes reported. In addition:

Though promos and on-air guides listed the series as "We Got to Do Better," host Charlie Murphy greeted viewers with "Welcome to ‘Hot Ghetto Mess.’ " He repeated that title several times during the half-hour show. In addition, the episode contained no disclaimers or announcements that the show was no longer formally called "Hot Ghetto Mess."

Great. But after the show’s airing, there seems to be a looming silence from those who first attacked the program’s concept for skewing media representations of Blacks. But who watched this show? None of it is posted online. Can anybody give us the run-down? Is this silence, compliance?