Diane Guerrero Talks About Family’s Deportation in These Audio Excerpts From New Memoir

By Sameer Rao May 05, 2016

Actress Diane Guerrero experienced the trauma of her family’s deportation at an early age. The "Orange Is The New Black" and "Jane the Virgin" star describes this experience in her memoir, "In The Country We Love."

"Deported. Long before I fully understood what that word meant, I learned to dread it," she writes in the just-released book. "With every ring of my family’s doorbell, with every police car passing on the street, a horrifying possibility hung in the air: My parents might one day be sent back to Colombia. That fear permeated every part of my childhood."

The aforementioned passage also comes from an audio clip, read aloud by Guerrero and released by  Entertainment Weekly, that you can listen to below. EW also released another clip, in which she talks about meeting President Obama.