A Devastatingly Good Read on San Francisco’s Gentrification

Jasmine Johnson writes of love and loss at Gawker.

By Jamilah King Sep 03, 2013

In case you missed it: Occasional Colorlines.com contributor Jasmine Elizabeth Johnson published a beautiful essay on Gawker over the weekend called "Dear Khary: An Autobiography of Gentrification." In it, she writes a letter to her slain brother about how their hometown’s changed over the past two decades. Here’s a snippet:

Marcus Books is the only thing that looks like you, Khary. No longer written into the news as tragedy, Fillmore lives in travel magazines and on Yelp. And isn’t that a good thing?, people who don’t know me ask. How good could it feel knowing that one will never be able to live where one grew up? How empowering can your brother’s death be as a yardstick for how positively far the neighborhood has come?

It’s a truly moving meditation of love and loss, so do go read the entire piece over at Gawker.