Detained or Deployed- Immigrants are Dying

By Jonathan Adams Mar 20, 2008

Tip to ImmigrationProf Blog Here are some disturbing stories about our government’s treatment of immigrants of color. Whether imprisoned or in the army, immigrants are cruelly neglected by our system and it’s killing them. One about Francisco Castaneda, an immigrant imprisoned by ICE, whose cancerous lesions where allowed to woRinku Sen on federal officials’ watch. They denied Castaneda proper treatment allowing his cancer to spread, which ultimately resulted in his death. Read the full story here. As we mark five years of war in Iraq, here is a story about immigrants who are fighting to defend this country, but only receive citizenship in death.

A young, ambitious immigrant from Guatemala who dreamed of becoming an architect. A Nigerian medic. A soldier from China who boasted he would one day become an American general. An Indian native whose headstone displays the first Khanda, emblem of the Sikh faith, to appear in Arlington National Cemetery.These were among more than 100 foreign-born members of the U.S. military who earned American citizenship by dying in Iraq.