DeRay Mckesson, Johnetta Elzie and Co. Launch Campaign Zero To End Police Brutality

By Sameer Rao Aug 24, 2015

DeRay Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie teamed up with activist/Ferguson Commission appointee Brittany Packnett and data scientist Samuel Sinyangwe to launch Campaign Zero at the end of last week, offering a formalized and accessible new tool in the fight against police brutality. 

Campaign Zero acts as a data-driven platform for the broader struggle against police violence and offers policy points for how to ultimately reform the problematic structures that have resulted in law enforcement violence for so long. The ten points, as outlined in the graphic attached to Mckesson’s Twitter post (and which can be seen here) are as follows:

1) End Broken Windows Policing
2) Community Oversight
3) Limit Use of Force
4) Independently Investigate & Prosecute
5) Community Representation 
6) Body Cams/Film the Police 
7) Training 
8) End For-Profit Policing 
9) Demilitarization
10) Fair Police Union Contracts

Campaign Zero also offers a tracking tool for the 2016 presidential election, outlining where various candidates from both parties stand on the ten policy points, among other graphic tools outlining the statistical impact and story of contemporary police violence. 

Visit Campaign Zero’s website to see more.