Ends Racial Profiling, with Printable White-Person Masks

By Channing Kennedy May 04, 2010

Being brown in Arizona has been tough, at least since the arrival of people relatively less brown. And now, recent Arizona legislation like SB 1070 has moved to make it illegal to be Latino, to look Latino, to sound Latino or to think about Latinos — and other states are following suit. What to do? The free market has a solution, of course! Introducing From the site:

Being brown in America was never easy. But now, due to SB 1070, it can get you thrown in jail. allows you to print a mask of a friendly white person’s face to wear while you’re in Arizona. Now you can bask in the freedom and confidence of knowing you’ll never be harassed by the police.

With a variety of inoffensive white people’s faces to choose from, and large eyeholes for safety, you’ll be all set to have a job or to cast a vote or to attend a child’s birthday party or to be a mom — activities which can only be authorized on a case-by-case basis for Latinos, and other people who come off as Latino-ish under certain lighting conditions. In addition to the masks, the site’s got an easy Share button, as well as a link to make a donation to Reform Immigration for America. Now, if only there were a version that could be used by Black people! Oh, hey…