Democrats Speak at King Day Rally; Blaming Immigrants for High Health Care Costs

By The News Jan 22, 2008

Democratic Candidates Address Crowds at King Day Rally Clinton, Obama, and Edwards spoke at the annual NAACP sponsored King Day Rally in South Carolina highlighting the significance of black voters in the 2008 election and the important legacy of Dr. King. MSNBC President of National Council of La Raza Urges Unity Janet Murguia, head of the largest Hispanic civil rights organization, stressed the dire need for Blacks and Latinos to work together toward a common goal. The Birmingham News Rising Health Care Costs Spur Immigration Debate Opponents of immigration are saying that health care is a benefit that illegal immigrants don’t deserve. In states like Texas, estimates suggest that undocumented immigrants cost hospitals $1.3 billion in 2006. In light of this, state legislatures across the country are seeking to deny health care benefits to the undocumented. USA Today DC Area Schools Adapt to Demographic Change The public schools of D.C and Maryland are now serving majority students of color as the urban immigrant population increases and white families move to suburbs. School administrators say they are spending more time and money-inside and outside the classroom-to reach out to the growing number of minority students. Washington Post