Democratic National Convention Starts Today, Racewire is in Denver

By The News Aug 25, 2008

UN Holds African Meeting on Racism "United Nations officials along with representatives of African countries and civil society experts gathered in Nigeria Sunday for a three-day conference on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance." Xinhuanet. 9/11 Immigrant Survivors Move Toward Legal Status "Federal officials granted temporary legal status on Friday to 15 immigrants whose spouses or parents died on 9/11 but who have remained largely invisible, living in the shadows of society, for fear of deportation." New York Times. Democrats Promote Unity Theme at Convention "Democrats prepared to open their national convention Monday with an ambitious agenda of selling the presidential candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama to a national audience, presenting a forceful case against Republican rival John McCain and unifying a party still recovering from a bruising primary." Washington Post.