Dead Soldiers’ Parents Deported; Social Security Blames Immigrants for Backlog

By The News Sep 07, 2007

Social Security Slowed By Immigration Ruling Because a judge recently stalled the government’s immigration crackdown, the Social Security Administration says the elderly and retired may not receive checks because of a bureaucratic backlog. NYT. Barbershops Shape Up Black Health An increasingly popular intervention, health professionals are using ‘shop talk’ to educate Black men and women about health care. Washington Post. After Soldiers’ Death, Immigrant Parents Deported Despite honorable service to the U.S. government, many soldiers’ parents have been deported even after their children have given their lives during the War in Iraq. New America Media. College Newspapers Lack Diversity Despite their representation on campus, Black and Latino students are not reporting to tnewsrooms in colleges and universities across the country. Campus Progress.