D.C. Muslims Break Bread to End Ramadan, And Share the Love

Two local groups team up to help feed people who've fallen on hard times.

By Jamilah King Sep 01, 2011

As Muslim Americans across the country celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan, known as Eid, one group in D.C. is working especially hard to share the love — and the food.  American Third Pillar Charities, a fairly new non-profit that was founded this year by a group of D.C.-area Muslims to bring together people of all faiths, will team up with another local group, DC Central Kitchen and serve dozens of meals to people who’ve fallen on had times. It’s an effort that stretches across faith and income. While DC Central Kitchen is well-known locally for offering breakfast, outreach and counseling servies to people without homes in the area, tonight will mark its first Eid celebration.

"For Muslims, Eid represents the most important days of the year, which we spend celebrating and serving those less fortunate," said Mohammed Maraga, co-founder of American Third Pillar Charities. "Especially considering the hostility toward Muslims in parts of this country — our country — it is important that Muslim Americans make time to demonstrate our shared values with fellow Americans."

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