‘The Daily Show’ Turns Trump Into a Trap Star With ‘They Love Me’

By Sameer Rao Apr 29, 2016

Donald Trump boasts at least as much as your favorite rapper. Thankfully for us, "The Daily Show With Trever Noah" seized on this fact last night (April 28). The result: the catchiest track you’ll hear today (sorry Drake), created out of the Republican presidential frontrunner’s loftiest and most hate-filled brags.

"They Love Me" features correspondents Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper as "Black Trump" and his hypeman, respectively. Wood spits magic using many of Trump’s actual statements about African Americans (I have a great relationship with the Blacks"), women ("all of the women flirted with me on ‘The Apprentice’") and undocumented immigrants ("we have to have a wall").

The infectious trap-rap number’s video, which you can see above, features Wood (dressed to the nines as exactly what you think "Black Trump" looks like) and Klepper dismissing protesters, counting money stacks and hitting the golf course. "The Daily Show" even subtitled the video with date-stamps for Trump’s various quotes.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments.