The Daily Browse: Death Threats to Democrats, Predatory Loan Relief

By Seth Freed Wessler Mar 25, 2010

At least 10 Democrats who supported health insurance reform are now finding themselves targeted by death threats and vandalism. Sarah Palin may be contributing to the vitriol. New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved deep cuts to it’s buses and trains in an effort to fill a $400 million deficit. As ARC’s new case study "Filling the Gaps" shows, the cuts exacerbate existing racial disparities in access to transportation. Over at The American Prospect, Dean Baker calls out the New York Times for "scaring readers" about social security reaching it’s threshold. The program still holds $2.5 trillion in government bonds that keep it solvent. The NYT article includes a quote from Alan Greenspan saying, “When the level of the trust fund gets to zero, you have to cut benefits.” Obama is putting his weight behind financial regularity reform. Having apparently learned something from the health care fight, the President is encouraging Democrats to move forward with a bill with or without Republican support. The census will continue to count Arab-Americans as white even if they write in their race after checking the ‘other’ box. HBO aired "The Senator’s Bargain" last night. The film documents the life and death of Senator Kennedy’s immigration reform bill in 2006. The Huffington Post Investigative Fund reports that an increasing number of struggling home owners are falling victim to predatory financial services promising to help them out of their troubles. Time for financial regulation reform?