DA Charges Sharpton for Protesting Sean Bell; Affirmative Action threatened in Colorado

By The News Jul 09, 2008

Deval Patrick to Reform MA Child Welfare System Governor Patrick (D-Massachusetts) signed an executive order to establish an office of the Child Advocate that will set penalties for child advocates who neglect to report child abuse and that will offer free state college/university tuition to certain foster children. Patrick also set aside a provision targeting racial injustices within the system, stating that the state’s welfare programs need "reinvigorating." These reforms contrast with a decade of dismantling the national welfare system by the federal government. iBerkshires.com Sharpton Held for Sean Bell Action; Refuses Deal While the Manhattan District Attorney has dropped most of the cases against participants in the Sean Bell protest, his office is sustaining charges of disorderly conduct against Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton refused to plead guilty on the charges, but expressed satisfaction for the courts’ recognition of his background: "we have always stood to disobey when we felt the system was not working." The New York Times. Denver Anti-Affirmative Action Bill Stalled Signatures collected for a bill designed to end affirmative action in the state are under review by a Denver court. Non-profit activist group Vote NO cited fraud in the bill’s process, while the Colorado Civil Rights Institute, funded by a think tank in D.C., defended the bill and reaffirmed their confidences in its remaining on the ballot. Denver Daily News. Latino Coalition to Launch Voter Drive High-profile groups such as the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, National Council of La Raza and Spanish-language channel Univision will launch a media campaign and voter drive for the eminent election. The multi-million dollar campaign will launch to encourage political participation among Latin@s, but the organizers remain mindful of other issues like the immigration debate. Citizenship information and other support will also be made available. The Trail @Washington Post.