Cute Kids Alert! Images of Back-to-School Day, 2011

We're always going on about the big, mean policy debates shaping public eduction. We figured we owed you a reminder of what it's all about: Adorable kids! Look, smile and send your own.

By Hatty Lee Aug 26, 2011

The new school year is starting up, and students around the country are filing into classrooms over the next couple of weeks, if they’ve not already arrived. At we get deep into the policy drama of public schools–the battles over teacher accountability, the obsession with standardized testing, the cheating scandals that those things have spawned. But here’s another view, from the kid’s perspective–all smiles and excitement with their new gear and backpacks filled with booty, ready to "win the future," as President Obama is fond of saying. Now, if we could just get such clear-eyed vision from our public policy. 

Thanks to the parents who shared these adorable photos of their kids’ first day of school with If you want to add photos to the mix, you can email then to me at