Crank Lucas Spits Serious Bars on America’s Hypocritical Racism

By Sameer Rao Jul 15, 2016

You might know Crank Lucas from his videos that perfectly send up the peculiarities of contemporary rap culture. Like this one about rappers faking their street cred, or this one about every ad-lib in the book. But the rapper and producer dropped the comedy for a new video criticizing America’s racist erasure and demonization of Black people.

"If America Was a Person What Would You Say?" which you can listen to above and download here, tackles a range of topics including police violence, mass incarceration, body-shaming and cultural appropriation. Photos of Mike Brown, Dajerrica Becton, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling punctuate Lucas’ harshest critiques of a society that seems to love Black culture while caring little about Black lives. Warning: This is not safe for work without headphones.

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