Could San Francisco Giants’ Sergio Romo Become a Pro-Migrant Ice Cream Icon?

Sergio Romo is already a baseball star. Could he become both a political icon and ice cream spokesperson?

By Julianne Hing Dec 04, 2012

Ice cream for immigration reform? Maybe, just maybe, if Bay Area ice cream company Three Twins gets its way. See above for a packaging mockup of a potential new ice cream flavor–Mexican Chocolate–to join the company’s grocery store lineup. The new flavor, in a nod to Sergio Romo, the World Series-winning pitcher for the San Francisco Giants who celebrated the team’s championship win in October with a [loud and proud pro-migrant]( fashion statement, features his cartoonized face prominently. The label gives a cheeky shoutout to Romo’s now-famous "I Just Look Illegal" t-shirt by telling customers, "It only tastes illegal." Proceeds from the sale of the flavor, which would mix chocolate ice cream with cinnamon, would be donated to "immigration reform," Three Twins also said. On the company’s [Facebook]( page, Three Twins made a public pitch Monday to try to get the official OK from the athlete to use his image, with this message: >We want to make Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (it only tastes illegal) and raise money for immigration reform. Are any of you pals with him and can get us in touch? And more importantly, who wants some Mexican Chocolate in grocery stores? Few of the ice cream maker’s Facebook fans disagreed with the flavor, the political message, the Mexican flag emblazoned on the baseball, or even where the proceeds would go, but several did point out that the sombreros the twins are wearing on the label, which don’t appear on the packaging for Three Twins’ other flavors, are "culturally iffy." So, what do you say?