The Cop Who Violently Arrested Sandra Bland Was Just Fired

By Kenrya Rankin Mar 03, 2016

Nearly eight months after he violently arrested Sandra Bland—who subsequently died in police custody—Brian Encinia is now jobless.

Former trooper Encinia was indicted for perjury on January 6, when a grand jury decided that he made false statements about his actions while arresting Bland.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) immediately announced that it would “begin termination proceedings to discharge him.” Encinia challenged the decision, but DPS announced yesterday (March 2) that his termination is now final, effective immediately. Click here to see the termination letter.

The termination is based on the following allegations, pulled from the statement of charges:

Allegation I: During the traffic stop of Sandra Bland on July 10, 2015, you failed to remain courteous and tactful in the performance of your duties. You engaged in argumentative discussions with Ms. Bland and you failed to exercise patience and discretion throughout the contact.

Allegation II: During the encounter described in Allegation I, you prolonged the traffic stop beyond the time reasonably necessary to complete the tasks associated with the traffic infraction. Consequently, you extended Ms. Bland’s detention without a reasonable justification or legitimate investigative purpose for doing so.

Allegation III: During the encounter identified in Allegation I, you failed to follow the seven-step violator interview. Troopers will follow the seven-step violator interview unless circumstances exist that make the use extraneous or non-applicable. The steps will be used in the following order:

1.    Greeting and identification of the agency
2.    Statement of violation committed
3.    Identification of driver and check o f conditions of violator and vehicle
4.    Statement of action to be taken
5.    Take action stated
6.    Explain what violator must do
7.    Leave

Criminal charges are still pending against Encinia. Click here to see the indictment documents.