Cool on Kickstarter: ‘Our Stories: An Introduction to South Asian America’

By Sameer Rao Jun 05, 2015

South Asians have been on American soil for more that a century, but you wouldn’t know it from reading most contemporary history books. The South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA), a Philadelphia-based organization dedicated to preserving and showcasing the expansive history of South Asian-Americans, just launched a Kickstarter campaign to change that. 
Their campaign supports the creation and publication of "Our Stories: An Introduction to South Asian America," a 150-page full-color book that will use historical accounts, personal narratives and visual media in the service of presenting South Asian-American history over the past 130 years. For example, it will tell the story of Dalip Singh Saund, who was denied U.S. citizenship for 20 years but went on to become a member of Congress in 1956. And it will introduce Anandibai Joshee, who in 1886 became the first South Asian woman in the world to receive an M.D. The book, which is geared toward youth and classrooms, will be released in print and digital forms in May 2016. 

For more information, visit Kickstarter, where "Our Stories" was named a Staff Pick.