Contaminated AIDS drugs hit poor regions; rape reveals racial tension in Castro

By The News Jul 23, 2007

Low-Key Recall of AIDS Drug Hits World’s Poor. True story. The scope of Roche’s recall is extraordinary, if not unprecedented, in the battle against the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, global health officials say. Dr. Lembit Rago, an official at the World Health Organization, said tens of thousands of people take Viracept worldwide, many of them poor people with H.I.V. in developing countries. The recall has left those patients with the painful choice of discontinuing a lifesaving medicine, or using a drug that might contain a dangerous contaminant.–NYTimes. Assault heightens tensions in S.F. The rape of a man in the Castro district spotlights racial divisions in the area’s gay community.–SFGate Islam in America: a special report. Newsweek covers Islam. Uh oh. ‘Ghetto Bus Tour’ glorifies Chicago’s projects. And proceeds go to? But for the woman with the microphone, this “Ghetto Bus Tour” isn’t just another way to make a buck from tourists. It’s the last gasp in her crusade to tell a different story about Chicago’s notorious housing projects, something other than well-known tales about gang violence so fierce that residents slept in their bathtubs to avoid bullets.–AP Promise of ID Cards Is Followed by Peril of Arrest for Illegal Immigrants During the raid, one man was up in a cherry picker when immigration agents called him down, waving a photo of someone else, and arrested him when he could not produce immigration papers, the lawyers said.–NYTimes Immigrating to U.S. becomes much costlier. What. –Most notably, the fee to apply for a green card, establishing legal residence in the United States, will almost triple, from $395 to $1,010.–Telemundo and Too Hot to Handle. More on "Ghetto Mess." depictions of African-Americans must be precisely calibrated to present an image that counteracts the deleterious effects of "Good Times" and "Soul Plane."–Newsweek Romney Wants To Be White Supremacy’s Favorite Candidate. See this pic. It’s too bad that the Christian fundamentalists he’s courting hate him almost as much as they hate the rest of us. That hasn’t stopped Ol’ Mitt from trying.–Too Sense. Edwards’ Ideas On Integration. Class should pave the way. It may be somewhat relieving to Americans to focus on class rather than race, but we’re fooling ourselves in believing that we can eliminate race as a factor and still deal with inequality.–Too Sense