Connecticut Considers Transfer of Transgender Teen Held in Adult Prison

By Aura Bogado Jun 06, 2014

Jane Doe, a transgender 16-year-old girl being held in an adult women’s prison in Connecticut without charge, may soon be transferred to a private treatment facility in Massachusetts. The state’s commissioner for the Department of Children and Families, Joette Katz, says that her agency has identified an unnamed location that Doe may be transferred to in the next two weeks. 

But Doe’s advocates are cautious of the latest development. ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio tells Colorlines that any update about moving Doe out of prison is an important one–but that the road ahead will still be tough. "No matter what happens in the future, she will need significant support to recover from the past decade of traumas," says Strangio. "Including the trauma of spending the last three months in isolation or near isolation without peer interaction at this critically important stage of development."

In a statement issued Thursday, Katz points out the possible transfer facility is one where staff is trained to meet the needs of transgender youth. Katz also says her desire is that "Jane Doe improves to the point that she can be placed with foster parents." 

So far, Jane Doe has been at the York Correctional Facility in Niantic for 59 days.