Congressional Coffee-and-Collating CAIR Conspiracy Clearly a Crock

By Channing Kennedy Oct 22, 2009

In case you forgot to look out for the well-being of your country last week, four brave Congressional Republicans have uncovered a conspiracy at the highest levels of American government: an established lobbying group is working to get unpaid internships for qualified young people in various offices on Capitol Hill! Chills you to the bone, doesn’t it? Oh, sorry, forgot to mention that the lobbying group in question is of a religious affiliation! See the problem now? What? No, they’re not Christian… no, it’s not AIPAC… no, they’re not Unitarian Universalists! They’re Muslims! The group is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR! See why it’s scary now? You STILL don’t see why it’s scary? Sheesh! Didn’t you read Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, published by World Net Daily and written by David Gaubatz, who’s previously claimed that "a vote for Hussein Obama is a vote for sharia law," and who based the book on information gotten by making his own son grow a beard and go by an assumed name so that said son could infiltrate CAIR and steal documents? (As CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper put it, "We treated him so well. I jokingly offered to help him get married … They lied to us about their background. They falsely claimed to be Muslim. They would stand next to us and pray during prayers … This guy spied on us for months, and the most they can come up with is that we’re doing ordinary lobbying work on Capitol Hill?") Did I mention that Rep. Sue Mynick (R-NC), one of the four GOP US Representatives publicly calling for a federal investigation of possible terrorism ties to CAIR’s intern program, also wrote the foreword for Muslim Mafia? And that, while the press conference wasn’t followed by a formal (read: actual) request for investigation to the House sergeant at arms office, it did take place two days before the book hit shelves of stores everywhere? Well, look, if you’re still not frightened by any of this evidence of a vast Muslim conspiracy to hobble our government and turn it into a vengeful, ideological mockery, then maybe you’re just not paying attention.