Congress Questions Homeland Security About Detainees; California’s Rural Gay Latinos Getting Married

By The News May 22, 2008

New Orleans Still Not Katrina-Proof With the beginning of hurricane season (June 1) only weeks away, the government is shoring up levees and floodwalls, but completion of some of that work is years away. New Orleans officials say little has been done to protect the Mississippi River delta from a tidal surge like the one that devastated Myanmar this month. Reuters. Lesbian and Gay Latinos Defy Same-Sex Marriage Stereotypes Despite the stereotype that those reaping the benefits of the recent California decision are rich white gay men, a new survey finds that " In rural California, the population is definitely more Latino than the gay population statewide. There are significant numbers of people raising children – there are 8,300 same-sex couples in these rural counties that are raising children." San Jose Mercury News. Houston Cowboys of Color Want More Rodeo Representation "The Houston rodeo has rejected a U.S. Justice Department offer to mediate disputes with Blacks and Latinos who say it needs more minorities in high-ranking positions, doesn’t give scholarships to noncitizens in the country legally and has stopped featuring Tejano performers on its main stages." Houston Chronicle. Nebraskans Take on Connerly Connerly lost in Missouri, but is in Omaha trying to gather petitions to get his affirmative action ban on the ballot in November. Nebraskans United Together for Opportunity is a group of concerned citizens that has the backing of many community groups, educational institutions and faith partners organized against these efforts. Associated Content. Lawmakers Demand Answers About Detained Immigrants "Top lawmakers in Congress criticized the Department of Homeland Security yesterday for failing to provide adequate medical care to detained immigrants, and said they plan to demand explanations today from Secretary Michael Chertoff and Julie L. Myers, assistant secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement." Washington Post.