Conflict scars in Phillipines and Georgia

By The News Aug 11, 2008

Britain’s most senior Asian officer files for racism Over the weekend, Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur filed claims of racial discrimination against the Metropolitan Police, who hold authority throughout the greater London area. He claims the commissioner keeps an impenetrable "golden circle" of white officers, in what many tout as the biggest spotlight on the force’s institutional racism since the 1998 arrest of Stephen Lawrence. The Observer AIDS prevention/treatment to global LGBT community lacking In a speech at the International AIDS conference, Mexican federal official Jorge Saavedra came out in front of 5000 people. He spoke to the "paltry" amounts of money being spent on AIDS prevention in gay communities worldwide. Of the $669 million that prevention programs receive annually, less than 1% targets men who have sex with men. Associated Press Clashes in Phillipines send civilians fleeing Conflict in the Southern Phillipines have forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes. Government troops have sustained aggression against Moro Islamic Liberation Front, who have called for elections in the six-province Muslim autonomous zone. Al Jazeera In Brooklyn, Georgian community prays Conflict between Georgian and Russian troops in the Caucasus region has only escalated since Friday, with envoys from the European Union pending a ceasefire plea. After a rally at the United Nations on Saturday, many gathered at St. Nino’s Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to pray for their relatives. New York Times