¿Como se dice? Gingrinch Launches Spanish-Language Website

Newt Gingrich is the first GOP candidate to launch a Spanish-language website targeting the fastest-growing group of voters in the United States.

By Jorge Rivas Dec 14, 2011

Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich is the first GOP candidate this election season to launch a website targeting Latinos. Gingrich’s new Spanish-language website courting Latinos includes stories about him winning every single GOP debate and stories about how he maintains his composure and doesn’t engage in trashy arguments when challenged. Instead he always has "real solutions." Although the majority of Latinos across state lines tend to vote Democrat, many have seen Gingrich as a real contender for the Latino vote because he has a relatively more reasonable stance on immigration reform. "I’m prepared to take the heat for saying, let’s be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship but by finding a way to create legality so that they are not separated from their families," [Gingrich said at a debate in November](http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/11/newt_gingrich_dares_see_immigrants_as_human_beings_risks_political_backlash.html). "If you’ve been here 25 years and you got three kids and two grandkids, you’ve been paying taxes and obeying the law, you belong to a local church, I don’t think we’re going to separate you from your family, uproot you forcefully and kick you out." Earlier this month, however, he signed a pledge to build a double fence along the U.S. Mexico border within his first year as president. Gingrich also strongly opposed the 2006-2007 "McCain-Kennedy" bill that would have given many undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. a path to legalization because he thought it would have legalized [too many of them. ](http://www.newt.org/news/gingrich-strongly-opposed-bush-era-amnesty-legislation) [Still, some analyst believe Gingrich could take almost half of Obama’s Latino votes. ](http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/some-democratic-strategists-worry-about-gingrichs-potential-appeal/2011/12/03/gIQAomJsTO_print.html) [In another news, Mitt Romney is said to be studying Spanish. ](http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jill-hanauer/is-newt-gingrich-really-a_b_1138985.html)