Comic Explains San Francisco’s Class War, by the Numbers

Read Susie Cagel's comic over at Medium.

By Jamilah King Feb 13, 2014

In case you haven’t already heard, San Francisco is in the middle of a class war. The city’s tech-driven gentrification is now part of a national conversation about income inequality. But if there’s one symbol for it in San Francisco, it’s the much-maligned Google buses that shuttle workers from the city’s hottest neighborhoods to the company’s campus in neighboring Mountain View.

But Bay Area-based journalist Susie Cagle is tired of talking about the buses. She’s more interested in talking about money, and to that end, she’s made a brilliant comic that details what’s happening in San Francisco. For us, it’s particularly worth nothing that as the city gets wealthier, it also gets decidedly whiter. My colleague Julianne Hing has reported on the increase in evictions in the city, which have pushed many families of color out of their longtime homes. 

Read Susie Cagle’s comic over at Medium.