Comedian Jessica Williams on Ferguson, Fines and The F.E.A. Party

By Carla Murphy Mar 06, 2015

It can’t get much worse than the DOJ’s Ferguson police department report. Unless, "even after the revelations, it’s business as usual at the Ferguson PD," The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart suggests to senior Ferguson correspondent Jessica Williams. Watch the video above for her novel solution: the Fined Enough Already (F.E.A.) Party. Thing is, Stewart’s suggestion isn’t that far-fetched. The DOJ report names and blames many city leaders now being asked to reform. 

One fired employee’s identity has been revealed since Mayor John Knowles’ Wednesday evening press conference at which he took no questions. Mary Ann Twitty, fired for sending racist e-mails, was the city’s top court clerk. Others include: 

…the police chief who authorized arrests without probable cause; the municipal judge who adds new charges when people contest their citations, yet quietly got his own traffic ticket wiped away; and the city manager who was the force behind the financially driven policies that led to widespread discrimination.

(h/t The New York Times)