Comedian Aamer Rahman Calls His Australian Home a ‘Nazi Beach Resort’

By Jamilah King Jul 09, 2014

You might already be familiar with Aamer Rahman as part of the comedy duo "Fear of a Brown Planet." He’s been performing in London these days and told the Guardian about what it was like to grow up in Australia. From the Guardian:

What’s exciting is how Rahman seems neither to exaggerate nor soft-soap the perspective of a brown-skinned man from a country he calls "a sunny Nazi beach resort, a white-power Disneyland in the ocean". This is just how it is, and the laughs come ruefully from the indignities Rahman suffers along the way – and from the comical disparity between how white western culture sees itself and how it’s experienced by others.

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Rahman’s bit about so-called "reverse racism" went viral last year. Here it is again, just in case you haven’t already seen it: