Columbia Releases Noose Footage; Schwarzenegger Signs Pro-Immigrants Law

By The News Oct 12, 2007

California Law to Protect Immigrant Tenants This week, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a piece of legislation that would prevent landlords from verifying the immigration status of those immigrants interested in renting as their tenants. International Herald Tribune. ‘Jena 6’ Teen Back in Jail Mychal Bell was sentenced to eighteen months in jail due to two incidents prior to Jena. Although Bell was initially tried as an adult, his new court date is December 6th, where he will be tried as a juvenile. USA Today. Columbia Hands Over Noose Video NYPD hopes to further the investigation by reviewing video footage from seven different security cameras, along with conducting a DNA test on the noose itself. Police were initially disappointed by the delay of the University to turn over the evidence. MSNBC. Boy, 14, kills himself after shooting four in school rampage The most recent high school shooting took place yesterday at a Cleveland, Ohio high school. Sources note that the shooting by 14-year old white student Asa Coon differed from previous ones, as the high school was located in a predominately Black, inner-city area. The Independent.