College Access Battle Gains Ground

By The News Apr 30, 2007

The majority of California’s high school seniors of color will not complete the courses they need to enter California State University or the University of California system. In response, the Applied Research Center’s launched its college access advocacy week today. Students, activists and policymakers are ramping up pressure on California Assemblymember Mark Leno’s Appropriations Committee to move key education bills through the state Assembly that will give students of color real choices after graduation. “After a rare showing of bipartisan support, California is on its way to ensuring that a high school diploma can be ticket to a bright future,” said tjohnson, director of Race and Public Policy at the Applied Research Center. “With affirmative action outlawed in the state and the number of students of color attending public colleges plummeting, the decision to provide a rigorous college prep curriculum is critical. This week we’re speaking out in the media and to our elected officials with a simple message: give students of color a chance to succeed.” Many are stepping up the fight to make a high school diploma in California a meaningful pathway to higher learning. Click here to join the action. College Access Lobby Week. April 30-May 4. Stay tuned for more coverage.