Coalition Wins Fight Over New Bronx Jail; New Urban Indian Health Report

By The News Mar 06, 2008

Bronx Groups Blocks New Jail in the South Bronx Though the city of New York had plans to build a jail to relieve the overcrowded Riker’s Island, Tuesday, the city withdrew its $375 million proposal after a coalition of neighborhood groups organized against the plan. New York Times. New Report Addresses Urban Indian Health Issues Recently released by the Urban Indian Health Institute, a new report shows that urban Indians often face the same health issues, like alcoholism and diabetes, that Indians in rural areas and on reservations face. Washington Post. Columbia Launches Black History Site Seemingly contradictory to their expansion plans that will take over historic Harlem neighborhoods, Columbia University has created a website that uses video, audio and maps and images to showcase significant people and places in New York’s Black history. New York Times.,1,3243393.story?ctrack=1&cset=true Family of Fatally Shot High School Athlete Blames Gangs, Not Racial Tension In Los Angeles, after the death of a 6 year old, many are looking for answers to the violence, but Jamiel Shaw Sr. , father of the 17 year old shot by two Latino gang members says he doesn’t see it as a black and brown problem but a gang problem. Los Angeles Times.