Clinton Wins Over Latino Vote; Seattle Honors People of Color Contributions

By The News Feb 06, 2008

Frederick Deputies Get Immigration Training The federal government is paying for twenty-six deputies from five different law enforcement agencies in Maryland and Northern Virginia to be trained on arresting and detaining illegal immigrants by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Frederick News-Post. Pardon Attorney Moved After Racism Claim Roger Adams, after having served over ten years as pardon attorney for the U.S. government, has been transferred out of his position due to “accusations of mismanagement and racism.” Adams denies all claims of being “racially biased” or “insensitive.” Associated Press. Seattle Takes Steps to Recognize Minorities’ Role in Shaping Region Seattle will be opening two new museums, the Northwest African American Museum and the Wing Luke Asian Museums, honoring the important historical role people of color have played throughout the city. Also included in these efforts, the city will open a “new traditional gate” officially demarcating Chinatown. New York Times. Little India dumps Clintons; plumps for Obama Although traditionally removing itself from the primary elections that took place yesterday, Little India, a U.S. publication geared towards the South Asian community, actively decided to endorse Obama, despite Clinton’s “long association with the Indian American community.” Clinton Overwhelmingly Wins Latino Vote This past Super Tuesday, Clinton successfully captured the Latino vote, made possible by winning over key states New York, California, and New Jersey. Now that Super Tuesday is over, according to NPR, political scientists predict that Latinos will be asking candidates for solid details on issues like immigration reform. NPR.