Cleveland Cop Under Investigation For Racist, Anti-Muslim Tweets

By Kenrya Rankin Jul 07, 2015

Cleveland police officer Sergeant Frank Woyma is being investigated by the department’s Bureau of Integrity Control for anti-Muslim and racist tweets.

In an interview with The Independent, the department’s public information officer, Jennifer Ciaccia, confirmed the investigation but did not provide a timetable or information regarding Woyma’s current status with the force.

Per the Cleveland Police Social Media Policy, department employees are not permitted to post or disseminate material that “contains statements or other forms of speech that ridicule, malign, disparage, or otherwise express bias against any race, religion, or protected class of individuals.” The policy also says that it, “shall not prohibit a member from posting or publishing content on the Internet that already exists in the public realm to the extent that such postings do not diminish the esteem of the Division or its personnel in the eyes of the public.” The policy does not include consequences for violation.

Council on American-Islamic Relations-Cleveland executive director Julia Shearson told Scene

We are very concerned about whether this officer can fairly police the various diverse communities that he denigrates openly on social media: immigrants, African Americans, Muslims, protestors, civil rights advocates, and others. We do not share the Chief’s sentiment that this recently promoted officer can set the tone for reform.

Woyma’s account was switched to private and then deleted in the days since his posts were revealed, but past tweets and retweets included the following images, retrieved by The Independent.