Citizenship and Voter I.D. Laws Could Keep 10 Million Latinos From Voting

New study finds that 23 states currently have legal barriers that disproportionately impact voter registration and participation by Latino citizens.

By Jorge Rivas Sep 24, 2012

Latinos in the U.S. comprise more than 10% of the nation’s eligible voters and approximately 8% of its registered voters, but according to a new report, demands for proof of citizenship and photo identification requirements in several states could prevent at least 10 million Latino citizens from voting. "Like African Americans, Latinos have experienced decreased access and correspondingly lower levels of voter registration and participation than non-Hispanic whites," said the report titled ["Segregating American Citizenship: Latino Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012](" The report was released Monday by the civil rights organization Advancement Project. The report found 23 states have "legal barriers" that can keep eligible Latino voters from the voting booth–and In many states, the number of eligible Latino citizens that could be affected by these barriers exceeds the margin of victory of the 2008 presidential election.