Citizens Sue After ICE Detention

By The News Jun 25, 2008

Homeowners to Get New Deal "With sinking home values continuing to drag down the economy, Congress is poised to approve a huge package of housing legislation, including a refinancing program aimed at rescuing hundreds of thousands of homeowners in danger of foreclosure and the most sweeping government overhaul of mortgage financing since the New Deal." New York Times. Citizens Sue After ICE Detention "Immigration officials, charged with enforcing the law against the estimated 12 million undocumented foreigners in the USA, are mounting more raids at slaughterhouses, restaurants and factories. Increasingly, U.S. citizens and legal residents who work alongside illegal immigrants are being detained and interrogated, too." USA Today. Liberal Law School Grads Need Not Apply to Justice Dept. "Justice Department officials illegally used “political or ideological” factors in elite recruiting programs in recent years, tapping law school graduates with Federalist Society membership or other conservative credentials over more qualified candidates with liberal-sounding résumés, an internal report found Tuesday." New York Times. U.S. Withholding Water From Haiti? " An array of human rights groups has strongly criticized the United States government, saying it withheld money meant to provide clean drinking water to Haiti as leverage for political change in the country." New York Times.