The Cho Show on VH1

By Jonathan Adams Jul 14, 2008

H/T angryasianman Margaret Cho has announced that she will have her own "semi-scripted" reality series on VH1 in which her real-life family ( her greatest source for material) and her assistant Selena Luna. She describes it as "kind of a cross between Madonna’s ‘Truth or Dare,’ ‘Joy Luck Club’ and ‘Little People, Big World."

The Cho Show Thirteen years after her catastrophic foray into television, Margaret Cho is triumphantly returning to television in a new reality-sitcom on VH1 in The Cho Show. This time it’s on her own terms. Margaret burst onto the scene in 1994 with her sitcom All American Girl and her struggles with the network over that show are legendary. After the show was canceled, Margaret channeled all of that negative energy from her network experience into a wealth of comedy material that fueled her rise as one of the hottest comics in the business. This VH1 series will follow the irrepressible Margaret Cho and her eccentric entourage as she fights to be herself in an industry that in the past wanted her to be something other than herself. The series will touch upon all aspects of Margaret’s “anything goes” lifestyle, from the strained and awkward moments provided by her somewhat traditional Korean parents to the more irreverent and outrageous moments shared with her colorful cast of friends and colleagues.