Chipotle Finally Adds Latino Authors to ‘Cultivated Thought’ Series

By Jamilah King Jan 27, 2015

After lots of understandable uproar about the fact that Chipotle’s "Cultivated Thought" series didn’t include any Latino authors, the Mexican-themed restaurant has added a crop of new writers to the mix, including Julia Alvarez, the Dominican-American poet and novelist, and Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho.

"Cultivated Thought" authors write short, two-minute stories that appear on the backs of Chipotle bags and cups. Other authors who are participating in the series are Chinese-American author Amy Tan and Indian-American comedian Aziz Ansari.

In addition to reading the work at Chipotle, people can also read the stories online. Here’s the full list of new additions:*

Julia Alvarez, Aziz Ansari, Augusten Burroughs, Paulo Coelho, Jeffrey Eugenides, Neil Gaiman, Walter Issacson, Barbara Kingsolver, Amy Tan and Carlos Ruiz Zafron 

 Authors who have previously participated in the series include Toni Morrison and Malcolm Gladwell. 
*Post has been altered since publication for style and brevity.