Children of Undocumented Immigrants Sue Government

By Jessica Valoris Oct 23, 2006

The RaceWire Beat – 10.23.06 Children of Undocumented Immigrants Sue Government Sixty United States minors entered a class action suit against the government, in an attempt to force it to suspend the deportation of their parents. A Set of Borders to Cross For children seeking immigrant relatives in U.S., journey is twofold. The Horizon Recedes Again on Indians’ Vast Royalty Claims Native Americans continue to wait on Congress to settle a long-running lawsuit against the federal government over billions of dollars claimed by Native American landowners across the West. A Shorter Path to Citizenship, but Not for All Immigration officials say they have decreased the wait for citizenship to less than six months, but they don’t take into account thousands of backlogged cases. Barbie Doll Goes Indian Diwali Barbie is just one of dozens of exotically themed, collectible Barbies created by Mattel. Though likely to be embraced by little girls across the country, the doll has faced resistance from some more politically inclined grownups. The RaceWire Beat is a digest of the day’s top news stories on race and politics collected by the staff at ColorLines magazine.