Chertoff Says State IDs Won’t Fly, Asians Face Voter Discrimination

By The News Jan 11, 2008

Asians Face Discrimination at the Polls A study of voting in 2006 reveals that many Asians were discriminated against at the polls and they fear it may happen again in 2008. The Asian American Legal Defense Fund says intimidating actions like racist remarks, asking for more identification and the need for language assistance should be addressed before November. Reuters. Cape Cod Case Reexamined for Jurors’ Racist Remarks After convicting a Black man for the murder of rich white fashion writer, a year later a judge held a hearing to determine if racist remarks unfairly led to the verdict. New York Times. Even in New York, Race Matters Still shocking for some who consider the multiracial city free of racism, the Gotham Gazette writes on a new report released by the Urban Justice Center that highlights the many disparities that still exist in New York City. Gotham Gazette. Chertoff: Some States’ Driver’s Licenses Won’t Fly In a move to get 17 reluctant states to agree with his Real ID Act, the government’s response to states’ attempts to provide driver’s licenses to immigrants, head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff says state’s licenses will become invalid for boarding planes if they don’t comply. Yahoo News. Echoes of Tom Bradley Eugene Robinson examines the phenomenon of Black politician’s leads that vanish between polling data and the privacy of the voting booth. Washington Post.