Check Out ‘Raising Dion,’ a New Comic About a Single Mom Bringing Up a Superhero Son

By Kenrya Rankin Sep 04, 2015

There are countless comics that examine the hero’s journey from the super being’s point of view. But there are few that explore it from the vantage point of the person whose guidance shapes that hero. The new series “Raising Dion” does just that.

The comic book follows Nicole, the widowed African-American mom of 7-year-old Dion, whose superpowers include invisibility, telekinesis and teleportation. In addition to managing the everyday challenges of being a single mom, she also works hard to help him focus his powers, teaches him how to safely interact with the world outside their home, and monitors Dion to make sure he’s using his abilities for good. But things take a turn when she realizes they are being followed.

“Raising Dion” was created by Dennis Liu, a Taiwanese-American writer and filmmaker. Liu sits on the Director Guild of America’s Eastern Diversity Steering Committee, which works to increase the number of people of color and women working on both sides of the camera. The new comic book is illustrated by Jason Piperberg.

Liu told Fusion that he drew from conversations with single moms when creating Nicole’s charecter. He explained that her character is part Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive mother, and part Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s father figure. “Parents instill a value system,” he said. “If these key parental figures did not raise these superheroes correctly, then who knows what Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne would have become?”

Watch the live-action trailer below, then download the first issue for free here.