Check Out Colorlines’ Julianne Hing at The Atlantic, Too

Our reporter/blogger extraordinaire is guest blogging for Ta-Nehisi Coates this week.

By Kai Wright Jan 11, 2011

Colorlines reporter/blogger extraordinaire Julianne Hing is doing double duty this week. She’s guest blogging over at The Atlantic alongside her work here at home, filling in at [Ta-Nehisi Coates’ popular space]( on the magazine’s site. You should go over and read her brilliance there as well. This morning, she’s thinking about [model minorities and the complicated task of parenting]( >…my parents sacrificed a great deal to raise me and my siblings–they make for great stories now that we’re all adults. My mom would hand us math workbooks to occupy us during car rides the way other parents hand their kids Pop Tarts or carrot sticks. She, like Chua, packed our violins in the trunk of the minivan so we could practice even while we were on vacation and forbade sleepovers and weeknight television well into my high school years. I struggled mightily with math and science and my mother would wake me up at 6 am on weekends so we could go over math drills together for hours. Letting me fail was not an option to her, though I occasionally wished she would have. Thanks to her, I didn’t. > >All of this I recognize as love. Read the whole post [here](