Challenge to the ‘Model Minority’; Medical Apartheid

By The News Aug 14, 2007

Innocent Man Sentenced to Death Under Cruel Texas Law Kenneth Foster, 19, will receive lethal injection at the end of the month even though another man admitted to the crime. According to Texas law, Foster is guilty by association. Alternet. U.S.Border Patrol Agent Kills Man Mexican officials condemned the border patrol’s use of ‘excessive force’ against immigrants after US agents shot several times to stop a 23-year-old man from crossing the border. Associated Press. Doctors’ Unconscious Racism Can Kill You Psychologists, using a test that reveals unconscious racism, showed that doctors who had the strongest negative association toward people of color were less likely to use aggressive treatment on Black patients. Kmart: ‘Dora the Explorer’ leads to more dolls of color. Kmart increased its multiracial doll collection fourfold to respond to the growing demand by girls of color for dolls that look like them. Report: ‘Model minority’ stereotype untrue for many college students Despite the generalizations about Asian academic success, a report suggests that, “Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander students are also more likely to need financial aid, and thus have to live with their parents and work to support their families.”