Census Seeks to Incorporate Arab Americans, And Other News

By The News Jul 29, 2009

U.S. Census Calls on Arab Americans The U.S. Census Bureau is seeking help from more than 100,000 Arab organizations, businesses, educational and religious institutions for the upcoming 2010 census. The Bureau has been criticized by some Arab Americans because it does not include Arab as a racial or ethnic category. Latino Unemployment in CA Higher Than Other Groups According to a report released by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, Latino unemployment has reached 15.7 percent in California, and is expected to hit nearly 18 percent by next year. The unemployment rate of Latinos has surpassed that of Blacks and other ethnic groups. Five Arrested for Selling Documents to Criminals Facing Deportation A former Armenian consul is among five people arrested for allegedly selling letters from the Armenian Consulate to convicted criminals about to be deported.