Census Bureau Seeks Help in Counting Oklahoma Hispanic Population, And Other News

By The News Jul 01, 2009

As Oklahoma’s Hispanic Population Grows, Census Bureau Hopes For More Participation U.S census officials want to ensure the participation of Oklahoma Hispanics in order to get a correct count of the population. There is an estimated increase of 100,000 among the Hispanic population, ranking Oklahoma 23rd in Hispanic growth across the nation. N.C. Bill Could Counter Racial Bias in Death Penalty Cases The North Carolina House judiciary committee recommended a bill that would allow defendants on death row to argue that race was a factor in their sentence. Supporters of the Racial Justice bill say that it could serve to thwart racial bias in death penalty cases. Strict Immigration Bill is Defeated in Arizona House After passing in the state senate, the Arizona House rejected a bill that would have expanded the state’s trespassing law and criminalize the presence of undocumented immigrants. Arizona would have been the first state to have such a law; one that critics said would lead to racial profiling of thousands of Latino citizens. Proposed California Legislation Endangers Children of Color Community leaders oppose a California bill that would eliminate child safety standards, putting children of color at risk.