Celebrities Don Fedoras to Push Immigration Reform

Photographer Albert Watson shoots portraits of celebrities wearing fedoras as part of a new campaign to promote immigration reform.

By Jorge Rivas Jun 03, 2013

Julianne Moore, Rosie Perez, Cynthia Nixon, John Leguizamo and Christy Turlington Burns are among the notable Hollywood celebrities adding their names to efforts to support comprehensive immigration reform in a photo project called "Fedoras for Fairness."

The portraits were taken by fashion photographer Albert Watson, who immigrated to the United States from Scotland in 1970. The photo series was commissioned by We Belong Together, a campaign focused on supporting comprehensive immigration reform and highlighting the experiences and needs of immigrant women. 

The campaign is using fedoras as both a metaphor and a symbol: a metaphor for women’s multiple roles and identities; and a symbol of support for reform legislation that is inclusive of the needs of women.  

We Belong Together is a national campaign anchored by the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. We Belong Together hopes supporters will also upload photos of themselves wearing fedora hats to their website.

Sherri Shepherd


Christy Turlington Burns:

"My mother immigrated from El Salvador in the late ’40s, and at that time you know she was separated from her father for probably about three to four years before the rest of the family came over. Where she comes from is such a part of who I am, and so her story is my story. … Really all of us are in this country connected to this issue." – quote via NYT


Julianne Moore