Celebrating Angela Davis’ Birthday, And Four Decades of Hard Work

The movement icon celebrates her birthday this week.

By Hatty Lee Jan 27, 2011

On January 26, Angela Davis celebrated her 67th birthday. A political activist, scholar and author, Davis was a leader in the fight for social  justice starting in the ’60s and continuing on into the present day. She was part of the Communist Party, the Civil Rights movement and allied closely with the Black Panther Party. She’s also founder of Critical Resistance, a national coalition that works toward to end abuse and reliance on prisons. In 1970 Davis captured the nation’s attention when she was put on the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitive List on bogus kidnapping and murder charges. She was arrested after two months on the run, and it’s generally accepted that her great political presence grew out supporters in "Free Angela Davis" rallies. 

Now a retired UC Santa Cruz professor, she continues to lecture at various universities and work tirelessly for prison reform and abolition. Her years of dedication have made her an iconic figure, and have inspired artists to dedicate their work to her. Check out some Angela Davis moments below.

(Photo: Creative Commons/marcmonaghan)

Speaking at a Black Panthers rally at UC Berkeley, 1969.
(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Steven Clevenger)

Boston, October 1970. Anti-war and Free Angela Davis demonstration.
(Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Nick DeWolf Photo Archive

(Photo: Creative Commons/H’anna Panofsky)

Shepard Fairey mural in Boston, MA
(Photo Credit: Creative Commons/(v)oluntary (A)mputation